Genuine Prada heavier weight metal zippers

In 1913, Prada in downtown Milan, Italy, founded the first boutique, designed by founder Mario Prada fashion and high-quality handbags, luggage, leather accessories and cosmetics cases and other products obtained from the royal family and high society the love and pursuit. Today, this boutique still favored the upper class in Italy still has a high reputation and fame, Prada (Prada) value embodied in products has been regarded as extraordinary in everyday life to enjoy, is also very good female gift .

With China in the more affluent sectors of the growing, Chinese HNWIs have risen from obscurity began famous Besides, the demand for luxury Prada which are becoming increasingly large. However, Prada bags nor cheap things, at the time of purchase, but also to pay attention to identify its true and false! But too many imitations now available in PRADA, here, Tan teacher gave us a list of five points to the consumer to identify the authenticity.

1. nylon genuine

Prada nylon is made of parachute material, this material heat, thick, with toughness, and its surface reflectivity is small and can be seen under a magnifying glass twill. The fake Prada made using ordinary chemical fiber, too thin or too light, no texture, feel bad too hard or too thick, its surface smooth or very or extremely dim, and the dots can be seen under a magnifying glass pattern. Most of the black section of the package of basic sturdy nylon material. Bristol will face Prada nylon pad several layers inside, feels not so thin feeling 2. skin

Genuine Prada cowhide, sheepskin and even deerskin, crocodile skin manufacturers, all have significant striae cortex and a unique leather smell. Fake Prada leather hard, and striae less. In addition, new genuine leather will have a special taste, this taste for the Prada leather special leather preservative solution, simply can not imitate, because the medicine cost is too high, and the taste can be heard to counter

3. Triangle Logo

The location of the metal triangle logo in the middle of authentic Prada bag from the car line and the triangle logo are all that bounded. And the triangle logo on the font is hand-made, concavity. Logo can be manually detect metal on the package, fonts are a little shallow prominent. Central Fake Prada metal logo position is not necessarily in the package, and the car line is very rough, uneven stitches

4. Zipper

Genuine Prada heavier weight metal zippers, Fake Prada zipper is very light. Prada world’s top zipper brand Lampo zipper, zipper

/ 3 2

Behind the metal part of the header is printed with the latest security Lampo mark, it will be a number of Lampo is the body below the word, it is probably from around 2002 began. The following figure on the left image is authentic Lampo zipper, the right to imitation.

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Prada is known to be much afraid in 2007

In mainland China, Prada is known to be much afraid in 2007, thanks to the movie “The Devil Wears Prada (The DevilWears PRADA)” trend landing. In the film, the Monster Miranda is wearing a black V-lapel jacket and skirt, as well as appearances at the hands of the leader Miranda hung 2006 autumn and winter limited edition beige handbag, both dripping show the Prada brand respected and adhere to high-quality minimalist fashion style.

As Italy’s legendary absolute brands, from 1913 Prada founder Mario Prada began the creation of brand, positioning it doomed to higher consumption route, because it was Prada Customers almost all Italian door lady. The noble, tough, elegant style is consistent Prada also caters to the restrained person needs a group of fashion circles dress. Especially in the New York fashion circles, Prada low-key design, always to wear the brand’s full of smart people a high-profile and pride, but it is also designed as the film Miranda temperament in general, is full of strong female beauty .

Although the fashion environment changes, Prada near the verge of bankruptcy in the 1970s, but since the current brand head Miuccia Prada (Miuccia Prada) took over, began attested, even after 2008, when the economic crisis was hard development, sales performance is also increased rapidly. According to a leading global management consulting firm Bain & Company released the “2012 China’s luxury market research report” for Beijing and Shanghai, most consumers tend to buy the top three brands in the category Prada bags for the first time into the top three, beyond Hermes came in second place behind Louis Vuitton, which also indicates that in China, Prada has behaved “ease.”

From leather goods to clothes to shoes, underwear, Prada boutique has become a complete kingdom, the territory also extended to the whole world. Today, the “light green boutique” Prada of its unique design combines functionality and elegance swept the world, perfect to bring out the best product Prada.

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